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Drain Cleaner / Sewer Specialist

Just-Drains Drain Shield Service is exactly what every one needs!

Don't call a plumber, call Just-Drains, drain / sewer specialist.

Drains stay out of sight and you rarely give them a thought. But drain and sewer line cleaning is expensive and costly. If you have a clogged line, you suddenly have a lot to worry about. Finding a qualified drain cleaner or sewer specialist, getting the right tools and overseeing a messy sewer and drain cleaning project is a hassle.

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Just Drains is pleased to offer you a plan to avoid costly, unexpected drain cleaning bills and to breathe easier with our total 24-hour Drain Shield service. Just Drains's Drain Shield program eliminates most drain and sewer line worries for a low monthly fee. Enroll today and you'll have peace of mind all the time.

Just Drain's Drain Shield program is currently available in Massachusetts. Check the links below to find out more information about our Drain Shield program including its availability within the state:

Drain Shield Topics

Drain Shield protects residential customers from costly and unexpected clogs to sinks, tubs, toilets and sewer line clogs for as little as $29.95 a month. The service covers any two lines during the course of a year (through a clean out). Although Parts are extra, labor is taken care of for covered issues. Should you have any type of sewer or drain concern, give us a call. Service discounts are included for jobs that are not covered by Just Drain's Drain Shield service plan.

Enroll in the Just-Drain's Drain Shield program now: $29.95/month

Drain Shield Questions and Answers:

Why do I need the Drain Shield program?

Your Drain Responsibilities

The sewer line that runs from the toilet, kitchen sink, tub, bath room sink, or laundry facility in a home to the main sewage system or septic tank is actually owned by you and all cleaning and clogs are your responsibility. Drain cleanings are expensive costing between $360 to $2,100. Finding a drain specialist that you can trust, fast, can also be a challenge. This is where our Drain Shield program helps you the most. You get: Fast, Reliable, Trustworthy service performed by certified professionals with over 18 years of service to the greater Boston, Massachusetts area. Just-Drains is available 24 hours a day.
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I've never had a problem with my drains and sewer lines... Why should I worry about them now?

A lot of drain and sewer lines issues occur when people least expect them. Additionally, most are unprepared for them when they do happen just because they didn't worry about them beforehand or put in place a plan to take care of any problems that might arise. Drain cleaning is expensive and you'll need a qualified drain cleaner fast. While many factors, such as food, grease, toilet paper and other products may aid in clogging up the lines, age and the amount of waste passed through a line contribute to the failure of most sewer lines. While it is impossible to predict exactly when a sewer line clog will occur, odds are, it will be unexpected and when you can least afford it -- unless you are protected by Just-Drain's Drain Shield program.
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How much does a typical Drain Service cost?

Drain cleaning can cost between $360 and $2,100. These rates may not include a specialists travel time or service call fees. Without Drain Shield, it may be hard to find low-cost drain / sewer service.
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Are there any signs that would indicate a problem with my sewer line?

Some signs that might indicate that you might have a sewer line problem are as follows (this list is not comprehensive by any means):
You may notice a slowing of a drain, damp spots in the house or unpleasant odors emanating from drains or traps.
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What causes sewer line problems?

Sewer line problems can be caused by a number of different factors. The most common include:

  • Normal wear and tear as the line ages
  • Food
  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Roots intruding into the line
  • Settling of soil
  • Improper installation
  • Baby Wipes
  • Dental Floss
  • Paper Towels
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How does a drain / sewer specialists actually clear a sewer line?

Just Drains uses approved and fully certified professionals. We:

  1. Attempt to unclog the line with a sewer machine
  2. Camera the line to locate the problem if the line cannot be cleared by conventional means
  3. If necessary, we jet the line with a high-pressure cutting tool

Disclaimer: Clean-up is the responsibility of the customer. We are not licensed to remove hazardous waste materials from the site.
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How do I know I am getting the best service?

First and foremost, all Just Drain's employees are licensed, insured, and actively passing background and drug testing program. All work is warranted by Just Drains for professionalism and correctness. Customer satisfaction is measured on each job.
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Why is Just Drains offering this program?

Many homeowners are unaware of their responsibilities associated with the sewer lines that run from the sinks, tubs, showers, toilets and laundry facilities in their home to the city's main system or a septic tank. Feedback from our drain / sewer specialists have indicated that homeowners were unpleasantly surprised when they receive their drain cleaning bills which usually cost hundreds of dollars. Just-Drains does not want you to be in this position. We'd rather provide you with the information, expertise and a beneficial low-cost maintenance plan so that when you do have to take care of these related issues your cost is lower and your satisfaction is higher. It's a Win-Win solution for everyone involved.
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What if I have a Sewer Line emergency in the middle of the night?

Sewer line emergencies are No Problem when you have Just-Drain's Drain Shield program! We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - including holidays and weekends. Your call will be answered by a trained representative, not an answering machine. A Just Drains / Sewer Specialist will promptly be dispatched to your location and can contact you within one hour of your initial call. Cleaning / clearing your waste line can begin within 24 hours.
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How much does protection cost?

Just-Drain's Drain Shield program is just $29.95 per month. This low cost fee is conveniently and automatically deducted from your checking account, credit or debit card securely using PayPal. There are NO service call charges and all labor for clearing waste lines are included. Parts are extra. Uncovered issues receive discounted labor rates. All extra's are quoted upon inspection of the problem.
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How long am I obligated to stay in the Program?

Drain Shield is a yearly contracted service. After each year, it automatically renews unless expressly terminated by you. Early termination fees of $344.95 apply if the service is cancelled during the course of the first year. Service must be in effect for two full months prior to first service call. You may cancel the Drain Shield at any time after the first year with absolutely no penalty.
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Can you summarize this Program for me?

Just-Drain's Drain Shield program provides protection for any two up-to-state-code fixtures of a single family residential sewer line (or main line) that runs from tubs, bath room sinks, toilets, kitchen sinks, or laundry facilities and connects to a city line or septic tank. Apartment dwellers are covered for any two up-to-state-code fixtures of laundry, sinks, tubs, and toilets that are not building issues or the responsibility of the landlord. For clogs, Just Drains will perform all duties necessary to clear the line(s). You initiate service by calling our toll-free phone number at any time. A professional drain / sewer specialist will be dispatched to your home within 24 hours to quickly clear your sewer line. There are no service call charges or additional fees for covered issues. Discounted rates will be provided after inspection for any non-covered items. Service must be in effect for two full months prior to first service call. You may cancel the service without penalty at any time after the first 12 months. Early termination fees of $344.95 apply to cancellations prior to the first year renewal date.

Typical Drain issues can cost between $360.00 and $2,100. Let Just Drains keep your sewer lines clear and open while helping you avoid these unexpected costs. Enroll in Drain Shield today.
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How do I enroll?

Enroll online or call us toll-free at 1-877-7DRAIN0, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Where is Drain Shield Available?

The Drain Shield program is available in the following areas:
02351, Abington, MA
02018, Accord, MA
02134, Allston, MA
02474, Arlington, MA
02476, Arlington, MA
02475, Arlington Heights, MA
02466, Auburndale, MA
02322, Avon, MA
02457, Babson Park, MA
01730, Bedford, MA
02478, Belmont, MA
02124, Boston, MA
02125, Boston, MA
02127, Boston, MA
02184, Braintree, MA
02185, Braintree, MA
02135, Brighton, MA
02301, Brockton, MA
02302, Brockton, MA
02303, Brockton, MA
02304, Brockton, MA
02305, Brockton, MA
02445, Brookline, MA
02446, Brookline, MA
02447, Brookline Village, MA
01803, Burlington, MA
01805, Burlington, MA
02138, Cambridge, MA
02139, Cambridge, MA
02140, Cambridge, MA
02141, Cambridge, MA
02142, Cambridge, MA
02238, Cambridge, MA
02021, Canton, MA
02129, Charlestown, MA
02150, Chelsea, MA
02467, Chestnut Hill, MA
02025, Cohasset, MA
01742, Concord, MA
02026, Dedham, MA
02027, Dedham, MA
02030, Dover, MA
02228, East Boston, MA
02333, East Bridgewater, MA
02031, East Mansfield, MA
02032, East Walpole, MA
02189, East Weymouth, MA
02334, Easton, MA
02337, Elmwood, MA
02149, Everett, MA
02035, Foxboro, MA
01701, Framingham, MA
01702, Framingham, MA
01703, Framingham, MA
01704, Framingham, MA
01705, Framingham, MA
02040, Greenbush, MA
02339, Hanover, MA
02340, Hanover, MA
01731, Hanscom Afb, MA
02341, Hanson, MA
02043, Hingham, MA
02044, Hingham, MA
02343, Holbrook, MA
01746, Holliston, MA
02045, Hull, MA
02136, Hyde Park, MA
02130, Jamaica Plain, MA
02420, Lexington, MA
02421, Lexington, MA
01773, Lincoln, MA
01901, Lynn, MA
01902, Lynn, MA
01903, Lynn, MA
01904, Lynn, MA
01905, Lynn, MA
01910, Lynn, MA
01940, Lynnfield, MA
02148, Malden, MA
01945, Marblehead, MA
02051, Marshfield Hills, MA
02126, Mattapan, MA
02052, Medfield, MA
02153, Medford, MA
02155, Medford, MA
02176, Melrose, MA
02054, Millis, MA
02186, Milton, MA
02187, Milton Village, MA
02055, Minot, MA
01908, Nahant, MA
01760, Natick, MA
02492, Needham, MA
02494, Needham Heights, MA
02456, New Town, MA
02458, Newton, MA
02459, Newton Center, MA
02461, Newton Highlands, MA
02462, Newton Lower Falls, MA
02464, Newton Upper Falls, MA
02460, Newtonville, MA
02495, Nonantum, MA
02056, Norfolk, MA
02356, North Easton, MA
02357, North Easton, MA
02059, North Marshfield, MA
02358, North Pembroke, MA
02060, North Scituate, MA
02455, North Waltham, MA
02191, North Weymouth, MA
02061, Norwell, MA
02062, Norwood, MA
01960, Peabody, MA
01961, Peabody, MA
01866, Pinehurst, MA
02169, Quincy, MA
02170, Quincy, MA
02171, Quincy, MA
02269, Quincy, MA
02368, Randolph, MA
01867, Reading, MA
02137, Readville, MA
02151, Revere, MA
02370, Rockland, MA
02131, Roslindale, MA
01970, Salem, MA
01971, Salem, MA
01906, Saugus, MA
02066, Scituate, MA
02067, Sharon, MA
01770, Sherborn, MA
02143, Somerville, MA
02144, Somerville, MA
02145, Somerville, MA
02375, South Easton, MA
02071, South Walpole, MA
02190, South Weymouth, MA
02180, Stoneham, MA
02072, Stoughton, MA
01776, Sudbury, MA
01907, Swampscott, MA
02468, Waban, MA
01880, Wakefield, MA
02081, Walpole, MA
02451, Waltham, MA
02452, Waltham, MA
02453, Waltham, MA
02454, Waltham, MA
02471, Watertown, MA
02472, Watertown, MA
02477, Watertown, MA
02479, Waverley, MA
01778, Wayland, MA
02482, Wellesley, MA
02481, Wellesley Hills, MA
02379, West Bridgewater, MA
02156, West Medford, MA
02465, West Newton, MA
02132, West Roxbury, MA
02493, Weston, MA
02090, Westwood, MA
02188, Weymouth, MA
02382, Whitman, MA
01890, Winchester, MA
02152, Winthrop, MA
01801, Woburn, MA
01807, Woburn, MA
01813, Woburn, MA
01815, Woburn, MA
01888, Woburn, MA
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