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24 Hr. Emergency Drain and Sewer Service, Partial listing of the Residential and Commercial Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services provided by Just Drains.
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Camera/CCTV ServicesVisual inspection of Drains and Sewers 
The most expensive & indispensible tool carried on all Just Drains service vans are CCTV \(closed circuit television\) inspection systems. Depending on the system & unit capabilities, these units range in cost from 6 to 15 thousand dollars. Possessing a wide mix of CCTV inspection systems allows for almost every size pipe to be inspected. A CCTV inspection system consists of a color camera with a built-in light source mounted on the end of a coiled fiberglass pushrod. Each system has a control box that contains a high resolution screen and capable of recording video images for future reference
Drain ServicesUnclog clogged or blocked drains 
Whether you have a clogged drain in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Workroom or Laundry, Just Drains can help. Our 24 Hour Emergency Drain Company has been providing drain cleaning services to homes and businesses throughout the Boston Metro and North East area.
High Pressure Water Jetting ServicesClearing and cleaning with high pressure water of sewers 
High Pressure Water Jetting is the best method for cleaning any type of pipe. Water under pressure clears blockages, cuts roots, descales pipes and removes grease deposits from pipe walls AND washes away all debris within the pipe. Jetting units are categorized in two formats, high pressure/ low water flow and low pressure / high water flow units. High pressure / low flow systems operate at 4000 PSI @ 4 to 25 gallons per minute, these units are the most effective at grease buildup and root removal.
Power Washing ServicesPower Washing and Cleaning of Surfaces 
Power washing surfaces of home or business. Sidings, sidewalk, patio and decks. With or without chemicals
Sewer ServicesClearing and cleaning of sewers 
All of the drain lines you have in your home or business are connected to a primary sewer line(main). If you have a back-up of water in your home or office, most likely your main sewer line is clogged. Call our drain cleaning company today to ensure your water has a way out.

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